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© GOUX LLC 2023. All rights reserved. Design: Callin Mackintosh Photography: Jonathan Hokklo Programming: Richard Cool

Goux Studio New York makes contemporary furniture and objects.

The studio is focused on creating useful, everyday items. Goux pieces are adaptable to a variety of interior spaces, but they are also meant to stand on their own as beautiful objects with their own point of view: elemental, refined and straightforward.

Goux Studio New York products are made from solid, natural materials that will gain character over time: metal, stone and wood.

“We work locally, with manufacturing partners in the New York area, to ensure that every product performs well, aesthetically and functionally, over the course of a lifetime. We want to be in your permanent collection.”

Goux Studio New York was founded by Steven Gertner in 2023 and is based in Brooklyn. Steven grew up around his grandparents’ hardware business and received a Master of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He began his career at MOS Architects and later worked on the design of several patented fastening systems and installation tools. Goux is a product of this background: a speculative architectural vision grounded in a deep appreciation for how things are made.


The Plus Collection is a family of everyday items all designed around the same plus-shaped extrusion. The collection includes wall-mounted nightstands, mirrors, planters, shelves, and hooks—practical and versatile pieces that display an understated and timeless character.

The Plus Collection evolved from a simple experiment in the possibilities of using one form—the plus-shape—to build an entire world of objects.

“We love the discipline, focus, and commitment of working intensively with the plus-shape, to see how far it can go and what it can do. We also love all the ways it can connect to itself and other pieces. For now, at least, it all feels like a healthy obsession.”

The Plus Collection features graphic elemental forms composed of solid natural materials: aluminum, stainless steel, maple, white oak, and grand antique marble. The aluminum parts are available in four complementary colors: bone, clay, graphite and oxblood.

The Plus Collection is made with precisely machined parts. Each product is designed to be installed with basic tools and minimal fuss. The clarity of the joinery and installation methods, both visible and invisible, are important aspects of the Plus Collection’s design.

The Plus Collection will continue to grow over time, even as Goux Studio New York develops new and different collections. Stay tuned!

© GOUX LLC 2023. All rights reserved. Design: Callin Mackintosh Photography: Jonathan Hokklo Programming: Richard Cool